Labour Arbitrations

We have extensive experience as arbitrators and have, among us, authored a large number of arbitration decisions covering almost every area of labour law.

Workplace Investigations

We have conducted numerous harassment, professional conduct and other workplace investigations for a variety of clients including health and educational institutions, government departments, professional governing bodies, unions and First Nations Bands. We understand that the workplace must remain productive during an investigation and that the complainant, the respondent and the employer are entitled to a timely, balanced and confidential investigation.

Civil Litigation

Consulting services with respect to Jury and Queen’s Bench Trials, Appeals, Administrative Tribunals and special applications.

Administrative Tribunals

We serve as hearing officers for certain professional governing bodies, judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals. Two of A.S.K. Law’s partners are adjudicators for the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal and one is a coroner who conducts inquests. We also provide guidance to clients on investigations, hearings and resolution of professional discipline matters.